DataLocker DL3 – Product Review

The DataLocker DL3 is an encrypted, high performing drive that supportsAi??Virtual CD partition (VCD). It features a great level of security, 256-bit AES XTS-mode encryption. Ai??It is very simple to use as it is portable and does not need encryption or management software.

Hard drives are quite available in the market and they are affordable too, but they do not have the same features as the DL3. The DataLocker DL3 will offer all the necessary means for you to enjoy the extra security features that you need.

The DataLocker DL3 has not only obtained the exceptional security features but in fact has obtained many great aspects Ai??which appear to be well taken care of,Ai??such as design, functionality andAi??portability.

Here are some of the key Features of this device:

  • Absolutely no software or drivers
  • RFID based 2 factor authentication
  • 256 Bit AES XTS mode encryption (FIPS 104-2 Crypto Engine)
  • Requip annual sales

  • Self destruct security mode (Mitigate brute force hacking)
  • Keypad Randomization (Mitigate fingerprint lifting)
  • USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0)
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  • Rapid secure wipe (rapid key zeroization)

This device is a total peace of mind.

To learn more about this device, please visit our DataLocker DL3 section on our website. Also, you can visit wired.comAi??to read their review of this product, they provide some good analysis about this device.



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