Use the Aegis NetDock docking station if you need extra space for your notebook or Desktop computer

The Aegis NetDock is an external peripheral that can be plugged into your Notebook, Desktop computer, and any device that has a USB port. The Aegis NetDock is different from a standard flash drive, the NetDock supports larger capacity drives which lets you store large media files such as the video files, pictures, and documents.

NetDock gives you flexibility as it has 4 USB ports to connect Ai??to your computer and other peripherals such as printers or scanners. You can also use NetDock to charge your devices as two of the USB ports on the NetDock device can connect you directly to the power supply without even having to connect it to the computer like other hard drives.

Besides flexibility NetDock is portable, very easy to use, strong, and has a very cool design. Once you connect NetDock to your computer, you will have full access to the drive as it is fully supported by all operating systems as it does not need drivers to be installed.

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For more information about Apricon Aegis NetDock, You can check out this great article by which provides a detailed over view of the product.

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