The IronKey wash test

The Ironkey can protect your data from being stolen or compromised by placing the Key encryption inside the device itself. IronKey works as your body guard against digital theft, hackingAi??attacks, and illegal access. It is really simple, authorize password to the drive and you will have access. The IronKey is a waterproof device, so Ai??if you forgot and you tooke it with you to the swimming pool or took a shower, no problem, it will always work. You can be confident that your data is always properly secured to meet the various protectionAi??requirements in our modern age.

Watch this video of the Wash Test that was conducted on the IronKey device. The DeviceAi??was subjected to over 300 G’s of force, 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and 1200 pounds per square inch of pressure.

You can also visit our IronKey section on our website if you want to learn more about the IronKey device.

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